You are hiring a team with a long-standing reputation

If you want to hire an individual with no lasting reputation in the Memorial area, then Thompson Custom Homes is not for you. With Thompson Custom Homes, you are hiring a team with a long-standing reputation that takes immense pride in:

(i) during the design/planing process, making cutting edge suggestions;

(ii) building the house precisely how you want it;

(ii) during the building process, continues making helpful suggestions; and

(iii) after the project is completed, sticks by their work and corrects inevitable settling issues, etc.

Also, the integration of Thompson's Simple Fix after-build maintenance program has been incredibly helpful because we have just one place we need to go for all maintenance, and we know that maintenance will be done correctly because they use the same quality of subcontractors on the maintenance job that built our house. We can't stress how easy this makes the after-build maintenance process.