Incredible result

“When we decided to build our dream home, we decided to work with the best in Houston. We hired Ed Eubanks as our architect; McDugald-Steele for our landscape architect; and Thompson Custom Homes as our builder.

We worked closely with Thompson Custom Homes for three years creating not only our dream home but a true work of art. Thompson provided wonderfully skilled artisans that created our striking formal patterned wooden flooring, beautiful plastered walls, high-tech advanced home technology and detailed intricate woodworking.

Our guests marvel at the incredible end result.

In selecting a builder, there are many factors. But, we believe the two most important are 'the true commitment to the client' and 'issue resolution'. In our situation, we had a great experience. Brian Thompson and his team were committed to get the job done and do it right.

In addition, there are always issues in a complex construction project, but the manner in which we solved the problem was professional, detailed and delivered an incredible result with limited angst. With Thompson, we know we made the right decision.

Thompson provided tremendous value in the design phases. They offered advice that added significant value and appeal. In addition, Thompson provided timely assistance on issues unrelated to original construction over a year after we were in our home.

We no longer live in our dream home. One year after we moved in, a family, unsolicited, loved our home as much as us. They made us an offer we could not refuse and now we are searching for another property. By the way, that offer we could not refuse will ultimately include Thompson building us another home.”