highly attentive to the most minute details

We highly recommend Brian Thompson to build any size or style of home. His experience and range in home styles is not only unique, but incredibly varied. Brian and his team have great taste and expansive knowledge in the area of accurate and distinctive architecture. They are highly attentive to the most minute details!

Prior to construction, the team lays out a comprehensive budget and timeline and sticks to it. Our home was built quicker than the timeline! There were never any “dead” periods or times when work was not being done. We even saved enough in certain areas to really make large upgrades in others, such as flooring, appliances and finishes.

During the build, they were able to make on-site architectural “corrections”. When walking through the home, they noticed that some windows should and could be larger; doorways widened; and added windows to improve the beauty of the home. They helped problem-solve issues such as elevators going to the third floor to improve the stairwell aesthetic.

Customer service after building completion is unmatched. Punch list items are taken care of quickly and they are STILL helpful years later when normal home issues arise and fixes are needed.

The integrity of Thompson and his entire team including subcontractors is without question. They make the building process FUN and exciting! It was such a positive experience that we would happily be repeat customers!